Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From bag o' debris to dinner?

Thanks to my son and his buddy (thank you for not thinking - or at least not saying out loud - or at least having the courtesy to wait until I'm out of earshot - that your papa is a kook for wanting bags o' acorns!), I now have this:

Four grocery bags full of northern red oak acorns and assorted grass, twigs and, of course, weevil larvae.  So the trick is to get from that to this...

... as quickly and easily as possible.  Because I love acorns and believe they can, quite literally, save the world - but I hate, hate, hate food preparation in any form.  So if I can do it, anyone can!

So that means we have to lose the grass, twigs, acorn caps and at least some of the weevils (protein). Then we need to shell, leach the tannins, dry and grind.  All that is no problem.  It just takes a high threshold for boredom and a little ingenuity.  I have one out of the two.

It's the baking part the scares me.  More to the point it's the baking part that scares my family.

I'm experimenting with 2 methods for sorting acorns from other life forms this afternoon.  Stay tuned for updates...

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