Friday, September 3, 2010

Mistaken Identity?

Probably a different J. Russell Smith... unless of course that is a date palm in front of the office, about which this J. Russell Smith says:

"The foliage of the date, being feathery at the top, permits sunlight to come through and fall upon an underorchard of olives, apricots, and figs, and beneath these, beans and other leguminous crops will grow - literally a three-story type of agriculture so rich in yield that only a portion of the date oases need to be worked diligently."

Date palms are the oak trees of the desert!

So much of what Smith wrote in Tree Crops and other works such as "Agriculture in the Garden of Eden" boils down to work: Somehow, somewhere along the line humankind chose to work harder for its food, and in the process do irreparable harm to our planet. Maybe we just got tired of having free time.

I wonder if there's any relation?

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  1. Not the same man... this one lived from 1918-2003. However - search Google Books for J. Russell Smith and be amazed at how prolific he was!!! And don't forget that he had a career that both encouraged writing and allowed him to travel to follow his interests.