Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mesa Verde Gambel Oak

A friend came back from a family vacation to Mesa Verde with the perfect gift: A pair of Gambel oak acorns (click to enlarge). What cool friends I have!

Tiny little things. I already have them in pots to germinate (apparently they don't need - or want - a lengthy stratification period). The plan is to grow them indoors, and then plant them outside next spring. I'll keep you posted on how they do.

I have never grown Gambel oak before, although I have grown Burgambel hybrids from Oikos Tree Crops in Kalamazoo, MI. Planted as seedlings in fall, 2008 they seem to be doing extremely well in 3 different Minnesota locations. According to Oikos owner Ken Asmus these trees will begin producing acorns in 3 to 6 years from seedling. The ones I planted are the Ecos seedlings: "Developed by using hand pollination from the sweetest (bland) and most productive selections by Miguel Marquez. Ecos are seedlings grown from five different trees that began producing when only 4 ft. tall."

I see that Ken also has Western Burgambel oaks grown from crosses made by the late Dr. Walter Cottam (not "Eugene" Cottam as his name is given on the Oikos site). Now I know what to ask for for Christmas! (Since for my birthday I have already asked for membership in the International Oak Society.)

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