Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OK, so that didn't work...

(1. Click to enlarge.  2. Notice the highly manicured lawn!)

The first step in going from bags o' acorns and assorted debris to tasty meal is to separate the acorns from the debris.  One brilliant idea I had was to dump the acorns & stuff into a bin of water, thinking (more like hoping/wishing) that the acorns would sink and the debris (twigs, acorns caps, weevil larvae swimming for their lives, etc) would float.  Or vice versa. Or at least separate themselves with the use of various screening devices (my fingers, a rake, plastic fence mesh).

The result: Big pile of wet acorns and debris.  At least it's a little cleaner! It's now spread out and drying in the sun.  Wet grass is especially enjoyable to work with; clings to everything, particularly acorns.  I can see why indigenous people burned the area beneath their favorite oaks in preparation for the harvest season!

Not to worry, other methods have worked better.  In the next installment: Idiot discovers mass + gravity.

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