Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eating Acorns: The Key To Peace, Prosperity & Happiness

More from my favorite book in the world:

"For how many thousands of years did people in these upland belts subsist on acorns as a staple, supplemented by everything from goat meat and snails to barley tea? How secure a life was it? Weren't whole regions constantly in danger of famine? Did they not turn to agriculture for greater security?

"Evidently, balanocultures were among the most stable and affluent cultures the human world has ever known. Kent Flannery, who studied the Middle Eastern peoples of this time and was among the first to debunk the idea of the big-game hunters turned to farming, wrote in a 1965 article, 'Hunter-gatherer groups may get all the calories they need without even working very hard.' Another researcher concluded that in the Zagros uplands near Eden it took ten times less labor to harvest acorns than it did to harvest wheat & barley. Another noted that a diet based on acorns was far more nutritious than one based on wild game, and far easier to acquire."

Acorns: Get your protein for nothing and your fat for free.

The only question: Why did we stop? We did we switch from an acorn (and other nut) based diet to the more expensive, time consuming, difficult and destructive practice of farming grains?

Short answer: I don't know. The longer answer will be the subject of a series of forthcoming posts.

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