Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Vigil Starts Again...

I have told the story before... neighbor's (sweetest old lady in the world) gorgeous red oaks pruned by a "professional tree care company" on May 22, 2009, smack dab in the middle of oak wilt season... two month vigil watching for signs of flagging... 36" diameter red oak collapsed in August, diagnosed with oak wilt... top quality tree care company S&S Tree Specialists injected the adjacent 2 trees on either side in hopes of preventing its spread... Excellent local tree care company Cannon River Tree Care removed it in March.
So now the question is: Will the two adjacent trees - about 23 feet away from the dead tree - survive? Did we treat them in time? A new vigil starts. The branches of one adjacent tree that overhang the street appear to be flagging - or at least not to have leafed out this spring. Could be nothing. Then again, that's how it started with the first tree.
Please be nothing.
I can't stand to see another of these beautiful oaks die just because some idiot with a chainsaw and a truck decided he could make money convincing elderly people their trees need pruning.

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