Monday, October 18, 2010

Perfect Pin Oak

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Pin oak (Quercus palustris) is not native to this area, yet it is frequently planted as a street tree.  It's not hard to see why: Its architecture looks like it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Or vice versa.  The problem is that pin oak generally doesn't grow well here in Minnesota.  Our soils are too high in pH and this acid loving tree becomes chlorotic for want of iron.  Most Minnesotans probably think pin oaks are supposed to have yellow leaves with green veins! 

The pin oak down the street from me is the exception.  It's utterly perfect.  In summer its leaves are a deep glossy green.  In fall in turns a dark purple/maroon.  And remind me to take a picture of it in winter - its form is amazing.

It's easily one of my top 500 favorite oak trees within a 10 mile radius.  And that's saying something!

And no, I didn't get any acorns from it this year.  Because I am an idiot.

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