Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making Acorn Flour

I found this terrific blog post on making acorn flour.  It's a little different than the process I have used before; I have typically roughly ground the shelled acorns and then leached in boiling water, a la Euell Gibbons, dried them and then finely ground them.  This post suggests finely grinding them first and then leaching with warm tap water.  Makes sense since a lot more surface area will be exposed to the water - should speed the process considerably.

I'm looking forward to giving it a try later this week.  I'll be working with red oak which I've never done before, so rapid leaching of tannins will be important.  (J. Russell Smith theorized that ultimately high tannin acorns would be more valuable as a food crops because leaching tannins is relatively easy and yields a marketable by-product... but I don't intend to do any tanning in my back yard this fall.)

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  1. Acorn flour is delicious. It has an earthy unrefined taste. It's good for you as well.