Friday, October 8, 2010

Acorn Exchange

I'd like to start an Oak Watch acorn exchange.  It is exciting to get acorns in the mail (at least for oak geeks like us!) to try out and compare.  I have several acorns ready to trade:

Oregon white oak
English oak, PA seed source, Swedish parentage
English oak, OR seed source, parentrage unknown
Northern red oak, Northfield MN from mature red oaks saved from oak wilt by S&S Tree Care
Northern red oak, large acorns from a very fast growing young tree
Sawtooth oak, southern seed source, parentage unknown

Let's make a deal!  Dwarf chinkapin, Gambel, Garry and Emory oak are the top 4 of my (very long) wish list.  Let us know in comments if you have acorns to trade or acorns your looking for.


  1. Well, unfortunately, I only like reading about acorns - I have no idea about how to identify what's around here! Googling "oak identification" yields a number of sites that may or may not be useful in suburban KC. Any good suggestions? Perhaps you could put a link somewhere on the blog...

  2. I'll check on some different info sources and post some links this week!

  3. Here in Western Oregon, specifically northern Willamette valley, the Oregon white oaks are not making acorns. The filberts (hazelnuts) are doing ok, the walnuts are light but cannot find any acorns. We have been harvesting acorns and growing replacement stock and have two hundred pots waiting for local oak starts. Anyone have any?

  4. OF - I have a small number (approx 1 dozen, I'll check on the exact #) of OWO collected last week near The Dalles. I will check with another friend/reader in OR to see if he has or can get any.

  5. 5 years later! Still doing exchanges? I have Chinkapin, Bebb (hybrid), black, and others.