Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cookies Delayed...

Oops. I went to Kim's Oriental Market on Snelling Ave in St. Paul yesterday to buy acorn flour. What I was shown instead was acorn starch, not acorn flour. No fat, no protein, just carbs.

It was a bit ironic, since the previous evening I had read the part in Michael Pollan's In Defense Of Food about the history of refined flour - how refining flour has had the effect of...

1. Making it more durable and portable so that it can be shipped farther and stored longer...

2. ... by removing the parts that make them more nutritious to the pests that compete with us for their calories (and therefore, of course, less nutritious for us)

3. Removing the fiber that ordinarily slows the release of their sugars. As Pollan says, "A great deal of modern industrial food can be seen as an extension and intensification of this practice as food processors find ways to deliver glucose - the brain's preferred fuel - ever more swiftly and efficiently. Sometimes this is precisely the point, as when corn is refined into corn syrup; other times, though, it is an unfortunate by-product of processing food for other reasons."

... it's all part of the modern diet where we need to consume more and more calories to get the basic nutrients we need from processed foods. Much, much more on Michael Pollan, especially as his views relate to and support the idea of acorn eating, in future posts.

But for now, the search for a source of acorn flour continues. If you know of an online source, please let me know!

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