Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Sad End To The Story

Last summer I blogged about how my elderly neighbor (sweetest lady in the world) was talked into having her northern red oaks pruned... on May 22nd... by a disreputable tree care company. It never ceases to amaze me that possession of a chain saw and truck are the only qualifications necessary to become a "tree care company."

One of those red oaks, a 36" diameter giant, was infected with oak wilt and was dead by the end of August. My neighbor's red oaks are part of a row of 12 beautiful reds spanning 5 different front yards. The neighbors must have planted them at the same time 80+ years ago.

The two adjacent trees on either side of the infected tree were injected to prevent the root-to-root spread of the fungus. My fingers are crossed that the treatment was done in time, given the close proximity of the trees and the rapid spread of the fungus through the roots.

Well, today marks the sad end to the story. The infected tree is being removed. The work is being done by Cannon River Tree Care. Let me make it perfectly clear: CRTC are NOT the guys who pruned the trees in May last year!! They are a terrific local tree care company. Owners Jon and Matt Feldman have been fantastic through the whole process since the disease was first diagnosed, and have bent over backwards to work with the homeowner. I only wish that the homeowner had contacted Jon and Matt before any of this - the story would have been very different.

So while a very reputable and highly qualified local tree care company is cleaning up the damage caused by someone else, that other "tree care company" is probably out there somewhere, talking someone else into pruning their oaks on this warm, sunny April 8. So it goes in the tree care business.

... although next week I hope to make at least a small difference. Stay tuned. Literally.

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  1. That's awful. Considering the age of those oak trees, they're quite priceless for the neighborhood, I imagine. Apart from doing careful research on which contractors you'd hire for services like these, people should post in social media about the quality of service they've gotten, so incidents like these won't happen again.

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