Friday, August 13, 2010

Plant Oaks!

Taking the "Plant an Oak Pledge" at Mast Producing Trees reminded me that I need to post the last of 3 short clips that aired on Minnesota Bound earlier in the summer.

This one focused on - you guessed it - planting oak trees, as well as promoting the benefits of air pruning nursery pots to produce trees with better root systems. Air pruning pots prevent spiraling roots, which over time encircle and eventually strangle the base of the tree & are a major reason too many our urban trees live such short and unhappy lives (next time you're walking down the sidewalk take a look down at the base of the trees... you'll see large roots wrapping around the base of the trunk instead of growing outward in a radial pattern).

As you know I'm a huge fan of planting small seedlings (or even directly planting acorns) and using tree tubes to protect & launch them, but I also know there are situations where it makes more sense to plant larger stock.

In those cases I highly encourage you to find nurseries like Knecht's Nursery here in Northfield MN who are converting to air pruning pots for their oaks and other shade trees.

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