Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cool Recipe? Yes!

OK so I made the Acorn Black Walnut Bread last night, and…

1- For visitors coming over from My Minnesota Woods, here's the highly anticipated photo (of what's left of a whole loaf made just last night):

(Click to enlarge) Looks good, eh?

2- Again, I was working from this Acorn Black Walnut Bread recipe, which in turn came from this very cool site. I stuck with maple syrup (hand produced in Rush City by tree farmers David & Carole Cartwright – delicious!) instead of the suggested alternative agave nectar. I went with Persian walnuts rather than black walnuts, for the simple reason I had them on hand. I went with applesauce instead of canned persimmons.

3- As is usual when I am in the kitchen, there was a bit of a mishap. Luckily this one did not involve an emergency room visit like usual (think Dan Ackroyd as Julia Child on SNL, except with more blood). I had the wet and dry ingredients mixed together before I realized I was supposed to have added a Tablespoon of baking powder instead of the teaspoon I had done. So I had to add a Tablespoon minus a teaspoon at that point and it never really got mixed in properly. My wife Alice got an especially large clump of baking powder in her piece. When I bake it's a surprise in every mouthful! (Of course that's better than the pancakes I made for my daughter's birthday when I mistakenly used baking soda instead of baking powder. I still think that the metallic tang those pancakes left on your tongue wasn't too bad. My daughter still hasn't forgiven me. Nor should she.)

Even after that, the bread turned out fantastic. Really tasty, very hearty and filling. Highly recommended. We did agree that if (when) we make this bread again we'll add either some nutmeg or vanilla (or both) for just a little extra flavor. We might try agave instead of syrup as well just to see the difference.

And we'll try again with acorns we gather and process ourselves. Acorn drop is almost here!

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