Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Species: Quote Of The Day

From the Las Pilitas Nursery web site:

"It seems that every few years a budding botanist blunders out of his or her ivory tower and discovers that there are bushy oaks outside. Now these oaks do not key in the floras easily (keying is wandering through a flora's (a book) selection process that is supposed to be based primarily on reproductive parts of the plant). So, Mister or Ms. hot shot botanist writes a paper describing his or her 'new' oak. Every time a 'new' oak is described it leads to more confusion and more 'new' oaks."

A budding botanist blunders. Now that's great writing!

... which will bring us to the strange case of California scrub oak, Q. dumosa, in the next exciting episode of Quercus: One Species.

If you live in the native range of anything they sell, go order from Las Pilitas Nursery! These people "get it."

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