Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Acorn Bread Forecast...

Getting a little ambitious later this week... I'll be attempting acorn bread for the first time.

Actually, bread is one thing I know how to do. Our kids have become total "bread snobs" and refuse to eat store bought bread except under extreme duress. At ages 11 and 8 they are dedicated label readers (my daughter actually knows what TBHQ stands for and can spell it... and of course remind me that it's the same thing as lighter fluid). "Look at all the chemicals in this bread, Papa! Ewww, how can you eat it?"

I was raised on Wonder Bread and I turned out... um... well, now that you mention it I see their point!

I have become the "DK" of the house: Designated Kneader. I'll be putting my hard-earned kneading skills to work making some acorn bread.

Next week we'll get even more adventurous, making a Korean acorn jelly called dotori muk from acorn starch. Food channel, here we come!

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