Monday, August 24, 2009

The Accidental Balanophage: It Begins

Yesterday I became an avowed balanophage. I know, I know... try to contain your excitement. Or at least your confusion.

Balanophage is a term coined by restoration ecologist Dr. David Bainbridge meaning, literally, "acorn eater."

It is a term that could solve 99.3% of the world's problems (the exception being the Twins' starting pitching situation).

After gathering, cracking (or, more accurately, bribing my son to crack) and leeching (about 24 hours in water, changing the water every 4 hours or so, to leech out the tannins) bur oak acorns I have put them to use two ways. Yesterday, to the horror of my family, I sprinkled some crushed acorns into my blueberry pancake batter. Until my daughter demonstrated that it was possible, I never realized that the word "nasty" could have 4 syllables. They were delicious, and way more filling than regular pancakes. This morning I sprinkled some in my oatmeal. Just add the 1/4 cup of brown sugar (compressed with the approximate force of a auto crusher) I always need to make oatmeal edible and it was delicious... and kept me full, happy and productive all morning.

Another trip to the woods tonight to gather tomorrow's feast!

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