Monday, August 24, 2009


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For those of you keeping score at home (and I'm sure that hundreds of people are), this English oak (Q. robur), planted as an acorn in a 1 gallon pot in early June, emerged from its 30 inch tree tube on Saturday Aug 22 at precisely 2:17:53 Central Daylight Time.
OK, so I'm being a little overly exact (also known as lying) on the time of day. But it was Saturday sometime (I couldn't convince my family to forgo a planned shopping trip up to the Twin Cities in order to set up a lawn chair and watch the tree emerge from the tube), and I took this photo Sunday afternoon. It's grown another 1/2 inch since then.
Nearly 32" of growth from an acorn, in a cool summer, in a semi-shaded spot in my yard. Slow growing oak indeed.

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