Monday, March 26, 2012

My NEW favorite oak tree

On Friday we hiked a trail along a creek near Los Osos, CA.  A couple miles out we encountered a mammoth & perfectly formed coast live oak (Q. agrifolia) that I decided to make my new favorite oak tree.  Then a couple of minutes later we saw one WAY more awesome than that one.  (I know, I know.  This is the 137th favorite oak tree I have mentioned on this site.  What's Chris's favorite oak tree? The last oak tree he saw.)

But this one is truly awesome.  Spectacular.  A colossus. This monster has branches that swoop down to the ground, go completely subterranean, then emerge again several feet later.  This tree nourished generations of people.  This tree... Did I mention I forgot my camera?


Good excuse to take that hike again.  We went in search of wildflowers but blossoms are sparse this year due to a very dry "winter" (as a Minnesota native any reference to "winter" in coastal California will always have quotation marks noting the oxymoron).  I found something even better, and forgetting the camera gives me a good excuse to go see it again.

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