Thursday, July 7, 2011

Auburn Trees Hanging On

The oaks at Auburn University's venerated Toomer's Corner are hanging in there, after being (allegedly) poisoned by an (alleged) Alabama fan.  Who is (allegedly) a complete nutbag. 

In fact it looks like they will even be ready to be draped in toilet paper (a.k.a. "rolled") after Auburn victories this fall.  Assuming they are once again the highest bidder for the services of a premier quarterback. 

My favorite part of the linked article:  "Harvey Updyke Jr. — a 62-year-old ‘Bama fan with children named Bear and Crimson Tyde — was indicted on charges including criminal mischief and desecration of a venerated object. Updyke pleaded not guilty, and his trial isn’t likely to begin before football season."

Bear (of course as in Paul "Bear" Bryant) & Crimson Tyde?  That should have been someone's first clue the guy has a screw loose.  Even my children Golden and Gopher think so.

We'll keep an eye on the trial.  My guess is that someone will ask for a mistrial based on the football affiliations of the jury or the judge.  My hope is that football fans who never give oak trees a second thought will, as the result of this case, come to think of them as living, breathing organisms that can be grievously wounded or even killed by the pointless actions of people - intentional or not.

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