Tuesday, July 12, 2011

80 Proof Acorns

Here's one way to consume acorns!
It's a refreshing beverage!  It's a paint stripper! It's a beverage and a paint stripper!

40% alcohol.  Sheesh.  At 12% or so wine is a little high octane for me these days.  I prefer the 6% of hard cider.

I do love the comments on the taste of some of the other liquors listed.

Tolkkotsul (soju) - An herbal medicine-like scent and flavor spreads in a mouth.
Its taste is similar to that of a ginseng liquor but rather milder.  Translation:  Tastes like NyQuil but rather stronger.

Sinyangsul (soju) - A descent scent of a Korean soil floats in a mouth. Free from soju-related strong odor and tastes palatable.  The ad team at Budweiser is going to be kicking themselves that these guys beat them to the next great tag line in adult beverage sales:  "Tastes palatable."  (Which is an odd claim to make right after saying that a swig of Sinyangsul is like sucking on Korean dirt.)

Pyongyangsul (vodka) - Burning taste. It makes a clear distinction from other “quaffable” liquors.  A good first step for those of you trying to kick your turpentine habit.  It makes a clear distinction to other "drinkable" liquors you can consume "without physical pain."

As long as acorns are replacing grain crops as the sugar source for conversion to these lighter fluid-like alcohol levels, I'm all for it.  I would just need a mixer.  A lot of mixer.

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