Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Oak Apple Day... 5 months early

Imagine celebrating - or at least commemorating - the 300+ year old re-establishment of your monarchy by wearing oak galls (aka oak apples) or sprigs of oak leaves!

Imagine also that "...in the 1960s it was the custom on Oak Apple Day that the chairs used by staff during school assembly were lined with nettles and brambles. The staff were then expected to sit on them without protest during assembly. At the end of assembly the pupils were granted a half-day holiday."

Both of which go to prove two things:

We're not as far from our pagan/druid heritage as some would have us think.

The British are really, really weird.

50 Oak Watch bonus points (whose value is truly beyond measure) to the reader/friend who reminds us all of Oak Apple Day on May 29. 

100 points to everyone who wears an oak gall.

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