Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting It Right On Growth

If this site does nothing else I hope it is one small voice among many working to overcome the stigma of slow growth literature and ignorance has given oak trees - because it is that false reputation for slow growth that prevents many people from planting oaks.

So when I see someone trying to overcome that trend I want to trumpet their efforts.

Yesterday I received an catalog in the mail for Chief River Nursery in Wisconsin.  Their descriptions of their oaks were a breath of fresh air:
Bur oak - "Fast-growing (about 1' per year)"  - I think they're selling it short, but I love the fast-growing moniker!
Red oak - "Fastest growing of the oaks about 2' per year." - Again I think they're giving short shrift to red oak's growth potential, but it's refreshing to see the term fast growing repeatedly associated with oaks!
Swamp white oak - "Fast growing oak..."

Well done, Chief River Nursery!
Now I'm anxious to start planting oaks again this spring... only 4 more months of winter to go.  Grrrr.

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