Friday, January 3, 2014

Cash Cache

So I'm driving along Old Creek Road between Paso Robles and Cayucos, CA today, completely unable to think of too many places I'd rather be.  Out of the corner of my eye, in the hollow of an old dropped branch/pruning wound of an oak I'm passing, I see a flash of fluorescent green.  Of course I have to turn around and see what's up.  And this is what I see:

(Click to enlarge)
A pack of "Ice Breakers" and a Titleist.  And what was behind them?  This:
(Click to enlarge)
58 cents and a toothpick (don't worry, I didn't take either).  
Any theories?  The most likely explanation is a cache left by a cyclist while on a ride, Old Creek Road being a popular bike ride.  I get the bright green candy container - makes it easy to find (too easy, if a dude with iffy eyesight driving by at 30mph can see it, although granted I pay a lot more attention to the passing oaks than most motorists).  I am a little unclear on the reason for the golf ball.

And 58 cents?  Might buy you a phone call, but when's the last time you actually saw a pay phone?  And sadly it's not enough to buy a Coke at the end of the ride.  Now the toothpick I get.  It can get a bit uncomfortable biking up and down hills with a toothpick in your pocket.  Oh, you mean why a toothpick in the first place?  Well our hypothetical cyclist no doubt stopped along the way for a quick snack of acorns!

If it's still there next time I pass I'll leave a note with a pen for a reply!

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