Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Slow growing" oaks #863

I'm going to go all Jackie Gleason on the next person I hear say that oaks are slow growing.  Take a look at this.  Keep in mind this is from a discussion board & web site dedicated to deer hunting and creating deer habitat, and you have guys waxing rhapsodic about the growth rate of their oaks (more about Concordia oaks coming soon) and talking about cutting scion wood for grafting.  I love it!!

So to beat my two favorite dead horses yet again...

1) Oaks are capable of astounding, jaw-dropping growth.  Why does this matter?  Because people need to view oaks as food - not just for deer but for healthy-meat-producing livestock and for people.  They won't do that as long as they labor under the popular poetic misconception of oaks symbolizing slow-growing longevity.

2) Our hunting quarry eat better - and smarter - than we do.  We plant oaks to feed our prey, and corn to feed ourselves.  Doh.

(Thanks again Walter!)

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