Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Work From Home Oak

You have heard of many famous oak trees.  Treaty Oaks.  Hanging Oaks.  Dueling Oaks.  Meeting Oaks.

Here's another one to add to that list:  The Work From Home Oak:

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California white oak (Q. lobata), Atascadero, CA.
On the surface this would seem to be a heck of a deal; in 2011 the average income of Fortune 500 CEO's was $12.94 million.  So being able to do that from home would be, you know, sweet. 

Believe it or not, I didn't call.

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  1. Hey Chris,
    My name is Kevin Muno, and I am currently at a Permaculture Design Course with Mark Shepard at his farm up here in Wisconsin. I'm native to California and want to sep up a large-scale production farm in California based upon Mark model. I'm interested in doing a mass breeding program of oaks and chestnuts! I would love to pick you brain on this topic. Here is my email: Hope to here from you soon.