Friday, October 5, 2012

Oak Galls du Jour - Jumping Galls!

Every now and then - it used to be when I was enduring a droning conference call, but since thankfully those are few and far between it's more likely when I just have a spare moment of inspiration - I do what I call an action verb + oak search.  Dancing oak.  Laughing oak.  Don't ask me why.  We all know why: I am a complete oak geek.

Today's search was Jumping Oak.  And, as always, the Magic Google Machine had an answer: not jumping oaks, per se, but oak galls that literally do jump.  I have never heard of or seen this before, but it's awesomely cool.

First read this. Oak galls are essentially wasp houses - or, more accurately, wasps tricking oak trees into building them a snug house in which the larvae can develop.  Some galls, especially here in California, can grow to the size of applies or larger.  Some, like these jumping galls, are puny.  All are indicative of how oaks support thousands of species without prejudice. 

Then watch this.  I don't have sound on my computer so I hope the guy isn't cursing a blue streak.  If he is a) he really needs to get a life and b) I apologize.

Have you seen any jumping oak galls?

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