Friday, September 28, 2012

Acorns: Aid for fugitives. Even stupid ones.

This is priceless.

 In 1980 James Ladd was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.  After 31 years of good behavior he was transferred - a decision which I'm guessing is going to draw a little scrutiny in retrospect - to a minimum security facility.  Which he then escaped... for a while.

Upon recapture Ladd told authorities that, "he had 'been rambling in the woods,' surviving on acorns (emphasis mine) and entered town to look for water."

Rambling?  The last guy I know who rambled was Woody Guthrie.  Ladd was silent on the issue of whether or not he also roamed and/or followed his footsteps.

And if you're smart enough to survive - and ramble - on acorns for five days, wouldn't you also be smart enough to find water without sneaking - in an apparently less-than-sneaky way - into town?  In the process Ladd made a liar of his mom (probably not for the first time), who bragged that her son was smart enough to remain at large without getting captured. 

So for any other would-be fugitives reading this: Yes, acorns will sustain you for months on the lam.  But for crying out loud find a creek or spring to drink from!

Thanks to Scott for spotting this story

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