Friday, August 26, 2011

It's a Fence Post...

It's a handy bulletin board!No, it's a fence post and a handy bulletin board!

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I was driving yesterday north of Paso Robles, CA (El Paso de Robles - The Pass of the Oaks) and came across this beauty.  California white oak (a.k.a. valley oak), Quercus lobata.

At first glance (not bad for 60 miles per hour - never drive ahead of or behind an oak fanatic) it looked like the wire fence ran through the tree - that the wire had been tacked to the tree in the distant past and the tree had grown to engulf it.  I was wrong.

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The fence is much more recent and has been fastened to the tree with lag bolts.  So now the tree will start engulfing the wire.  No, it won't cause long term damage, but, I mean, c'mon... Would it have killed you to have driven a fence post a few feet away??

Then I noticed the nails.  Not just the ones holding the current No Trespassing sign. 

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I counted upwards of thirty nails, all pretty recent.  Must be the community bulletin board.

Maybe it should be renamed California cork oak.

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