Friday, April 1, 2011

Daimyo oak

Every now and then I do a Google search on some anthropomorphic feeling/action + oaks just to see what I come up with.  I've done happy oaks, sad oaks, funny oaks etc.  What I find is often the inspiration for a post.  Some of which actually get written and posted.

Today it was dancing + oaks.  It led directly to, surprisingly enough, Dancing Oaks Nursery in Oregon. What a great name!  They specialize in unique plants from around the world.  What does this mean in terms of oak offerings?

Emperor oak, Q. dentata (aka Daimyo oak) - A medium sized oak with massive leaves that turn russet/orange in fall and are persistent in winter.  Asian.  Awesome.  I'd kill for some acorns (hint, hint).

And a cutleaf version of Emperor oak.  I must grow one someday.  Yes I'm in zone 4.  I take that as a challenge.

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